K-8 Music

Our youngest students explore pitch, movement, and tempo using percussion instruments. They learn to read rhythms and the Treble Clef. In first and second grade, pitched instruments are introduced.

Beginning in the third grade, Suzuki Violin classes are offered as part of the curriculum. There are no additional charges and instruments are available, if needed.

In fifth grade, students begin applying their notation skills to the recorder and violin. Here they continue to refine pitch, rhythm, and note reading.

Music history is taught at all levels, students explore world music, classical music, Jazz, and the history of Rock-n-Roll.

Periodic performances give students the chance to prepare, rehearse, manage their expectations and be responsible to others. Some students relish these opportunities, for others, knowing they can successfully perform in front of an audience, even for a short time, is an important developmental step.

Guitar instruction begins in Middle School; String Orchestra is an option for Middle School string players.

Anne Joy had not had any musical training before starting the strings class at NGFS. Under Jeannie's patient but motivating guidance, she has gradually progressed to a point where she feels confident enough to play in public. The discipline of practicing each night at home has also been good for her; she has had to learn about commitment, and at the same time has seen the rewards from that commitment.

— Neil S., parent of 8th grade girl and 6th grade boy


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