Visual Arts

The visual arts are of the utmost importance because a child’s artwork expresses the very core of that child — her or his experiences, thoughts, dreams, imagination, sense of humor, fears, etc. Expressing oneself through the visual arts enables these "unseen" things to manifest into an image or form.

At NGFS, every child is an artist. When I address the students as a class, they are addressed as artists. They will have the opportunity to explore the aforementioned personal ideas, thoughts, and feelings through a wide variety of media and techniques. We study art history and art from all over the world. We learn about famous artists and not-so-famous artists and the styles and movements or groups for which they may be known. Also, many projects in Art class are inspired by grade level units in order to enrich and deepen learning.  Quaker values serve as motivation and inspiration for artistic expression.

Art reflects the inner workings of children in a truly unique way. Artistic creations capture the moment. For example, the 5-year-old pinch pot will only be that size once. The pinch pot grows as the child grows. Love is made evident through art. It can be personally as well as collaboratively expressive and enriches communities in a truly special way.

 Maura Kern, K-8 Art Teacher

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