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New Garden Friends School graduates make their mark wherever they go. Read about some of our fantastic alumni and what they gained from their NGFS experience. 

Alumni Profiles

Mridula Manoj '12

By Maya Sowells '17

Current NGFS senior Maya sat down with recent alumna Mridula, who reflected on her New Garden experience. 

Where has your life taken you after NGFS?
I just graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill this past May. Currently, I’m in the process of finishing prerequisites for dental school and studying for my DAT so that I can apply next year.

How has your NGFS education contributed to your success in life?
Growing up at NGFS, I always loved coming to school. I think that New Garden does a great job of fostering a very positive, supportive learning environment that makes students genuinely curious and interested in school. That love for school has definitely carried me through all these years, and continues to stay with me as I work towards a professional program.

How has a attending a Friends school benefited or shaped the person you are today?
Attending a Friends school was very special because I think we have a very unique curriculum which encourages students to learn and grow both inside and outside of the classroom. For example, growing up at NGFS, I always loved how service was an integral part of the curriculum. I think NGFS instilled in me a love of serving and working with my community at a very young age. This is a big reason that I want to go into a health profession which will allow me to work closely with, and help better the lives of, individuals in my community.

If you had to choose the most memorable moment in your NGFS experience, what would it be?
I always loved spring trips!

What lessons did New Garden instill in you that remain prominent today?
NGFS taught me, at a very young age, to celebrate diversity, which is such an incredibly important lesson. The values of open-mindedness and love and respect towards everyone was always emphasized at school, as well as just being proud of ourselves and our own backgrounds. I’m so grateful to have been part of a community that was centered around these values. I think the Quaker testimonies as a whole are such a positive way of approaching life, and I’ll always hold them with me.

Is there any advice you would give to current NGFS students?
Enjoy your time! Also, take time to recognize and appreciate all that your teachers are doing to shape you into the best student you can be!

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