K-6 Specialists

Art: The visual arts are of the utmost importance because a child’s artwork expresses the very core of that child — her or his experiences, thoughts, dreams, imagination, sense of humor, fears, etc. Expressing oneself through the visual arts enables these "unseen" things to manifest into an image or form. read more>

Physical Education: New Garden Friends School recognizes the importance of fitness education, the benefit of cooperative teamwork, and the joy of movement. read more>

Spanish: At New Garden Friends School, Spanish is offered to all students. For younger students, the mastery of new words, in a new language, can be tremendously empowering. Vocabulary and conversational phrases are tied into classroom units of study, and taught through the use of stories, songs, games, role-playing, and movement. read more>

Music: Our youngest students explore pitch, movement, and tempo using and percussion instruments. Beginning in the third grade, Suzuki Violin classes are offered as part of the curriculum. We are the only school in Guilford County with a comprehensive guitar program. read more>

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