Grades 9-12 — Upper School


What’s different about NGFS?  In a word: respect.

Community Academics Building Independence Image Map

At NGFS, all students call teachers by their first names. We don’t do that because it’s informal, we do it because it is a treasured Quaker practice that stems from the belief that every person deserves respect. It’s not something you get from a title.

Our teachers recognize that today’s high school students will ultimately be engaged in jobs that do not exist today. From their communication with students and parents, to their daily practices and curriculum choices, they are mindful that the aim is to challenge and engage students; to keep them safe, but not too comfortable.

At NGFS, students work side-by-side with teachers who know that in order to develop critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills, they need to strike a balance between presenting information and supporting inquiry that develops organically, from the curiosity, research, and findings of the students.

Does that make our classes more demanding, of both teachers and students? You bet, but just ask them; they wouldn’t have it any other way.