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Learning Beyond the Classroom

At NGFS, we take learning outside the classroom. From our campus garden to a children’s home in Dominican Republic, our students are aware of their obligations as responsible local and global citizens.

From preschool -12th grade, NGFS students are challenged to get outside, get involved, and get dirty! Beginning in third grade, our classes take fall and spring trips to enhance their classroom work and support the development of independence, adaptability, compassion, resiliency, and social responsibility. Studying ecosystems, students may conduct valuable in-class labs. But a trip to the Okeefenokee Swamp, and canoeing through the wetlands? This instills a new respect for these biologically diverse communities. 

We may travel down the road with our lunch or on planes with our passports, but our reasons for going are often the same. There are lessons to be learned and people to meet, there are comfort zones that need a bit of stretching, and there is work to do.

When we allow our students to engage with the world, we let them see that their world view is valuable, but it is one of many.