Our Approach to Curriculum

Students learn to respect and practice truth and to know the various ways it can be found — through scientific investigation, creative expression, conversation, worship, service within the school community, and beyond. They are encouraged by word and example to respect the talents and perspectives of others, and include them in a cooperative, rather than competitive search for knowledge. (Friends Council on Education)

As a Friends school, each person at NGFS is asked to make the rigorous commitment to seeing the Light of God in every other, to be open to hearing the piece of truth that each person brings to our community.  Does that mean we all do it perfectly, every day?  No, but it does mean that we are always mindful that each member of our community is deserving of respect.

At NGFS, students experience the security of being seen and known. Mutual trust is born from this security. When our students feel seen, they are released to focus on their work.

We take a proactive, explicit approach to teaching expected behaviors in the classroom. Through modeling, role-playing, and discussion, we explore appropriate attitudes and responses. In developmentally appropriate ways, students are given opportunities to build the interpersonal skills necessary for the peaceful resolution of conflict. Time is devoted to these fundamental skills as they lay a solid foundation for building a community of learners.