Kindergarten - "Sunrise"

A kindergarten that balances play with academic pursuits

Learning to Learn Together
Developmentally Appropriate Challenges
More Than Core
Arts, PE, and Service Learning
Building Independence
Managing Your Belongings, Learning to Problem-Solve

What do you want for your child in their kindergarten year?

  • Teachers who value your child as an individual, with gifts that are uniquely their own.
  • A classroom that provides fun and challenge in learning, where children learn to love books as they begin to read, tell their story as they begin to write, and see the usefulness of numbers as they begin to think mathematically.
  • An environment where social learning is highly regarded, where children are taught how to problem solve with classmates and find the language to express their feelings, and where the emotional safety of your child is as important as the academic learning. 
  • A philosophy that allows children to move around the classroom, share their ideas and see the value in their contributions to the classroom, school and community.

Learn more about our Transitional Kindergarten program for our younger 5-year-olds.