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Pathways to College

Spring Update

April 25, 2018
By Lore Fariss

The Class of 2018 has completed the application process and are making their college decisions now. Most colleges require that a deposit and decision be made by May 1. The seniors are attending orientation sessions as well as accepted student weekends to epxlore their college campuses and learn more. This has been an extraordinary and unique group with a broad and competitive list if colleges where they will matriculate. 

Juniors continue to prepare for their admissions year with resume writing, test preparation and review, essay discusions and college research. They meet weekly to review progress and continue their research and writing. By early May, the plan is that they will have chosen 6 or more colleges of interest to them including those that will be their dream or reach schools but may be more competitive in their admissions as well as schools that are more likely for them that meet their criteria and areas of interest. Juniors are learning to work in the online database, Naviance, which the school also uses to communicate admissions collateral to the colleges to which they apply. Most juniors have taken the PSAT, ACT and SAT this year in preparation for college admissions testing. In addition, we have used their test data to link them to the online Khan academy opportunity for test practice and review,. Interested students also took part in a 6 week review/practice opportunity before and after school to help prepare them for their upcoming tests. 

10th graders just complete the PSAT 10 this spring after also taking the ACT aspire int he fall. While standardized testing is not a curricular focus on our classrooms, we have implemented a strong testing plan to allow our students time to practice, assess and prepare for future college admissions testing. Individual review with parents and students to assess test success and discuss steps for improvement are offered. In addition, 9th graders completed the PSAT 8/9 this spring and will have the opportunity to discuss their scores as well. Both of these groups can use their current perfomance on the PSAT based tests to link to Khan academy for an individualized review plan for improving their future test taking. 




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