Curiosity Keeps Leading Us Down New Paths

— Walt Disney

Are you and athlete and an artist? Maybe a poet who’s dying to play guitar, or a musician with a passion for science? 

At NGFS, we get it. Students are happiest when not confined by one identity or interest. As Quakers, we are committed to nurturing and supporting each other’s gifts. As educators, we embrace multi-talented learners, and we know that in order to turn curiosity into involvement, we have to meet you where you are. 


When we give our students the chance to try something new, we listen carefully. And we take you seriously. We give you the time you need to practice, to work on your art, your music, your writing. Your voice matters.

Creativity, entrepreneurship, imagination, discipline, the ability to listen, to discern, to collaborate, to articulate a point of view, these are the qualities of not only artists and athletes, writers and scientists; these are the qualities of people who will make a difference.

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