Middle School Electives

For students who have completed 6th through 8th grades
Middle School Electives camp is held on the Page-Frederiksen campus at 2015 Pleasant Ridge Road.

Middle School Electives are open to students who have completed 6th, 7th or 8th grade. Given the developmental importance of having social interactions at this age, we offer this program to provide a safe and appropriate place for social and learning opportunities in comfortable settings. Everything is oriented toward students trying and doing activities for themselves while having fun with their peers in a relaxed learning environment. Multiple field trips are offered at this level.

Sessions are open for registration unless otherwise noted.

Session 1, Photography

June 12-16     $200

Bring your camera and get ready for a one-of-a-kind photographic adventure! This session is designed to help students take better pictures and learn new “tricks of the trade”. Participants will spend time each morning photographing indoors and out. In the afternoons, they will have a chance to edit their images and critique each other’s work. A variety of basic and intermediate camera techniques will be introduced, as well as different methods for editing and manipulating photos. We will take several field trips; possible destinations include the NC Zoo, Triangle Park, a local museum, and downtown Greensboro, to photograph all kinds of animals, architecture, and objects. Then we’ll host a Student Art Show at the end of the week to celebrate our successes! Participants must bring their own digital camera each day. We have some cameras to loan; please call for availability.

Session 2, Goofing off in Greensboro

June 19-23     $200

This week gives Middle School students the opportunity to explore Greensboro and the Triad area and its many interesting places and activities. Two days of the week, participants will get to select where to eat at local restaurants for lunch. We will go bowling, see an appropriately rated movie, and take time to explore some of the beautiful parks that are right here in the Gate City. On Monday, participants will have an opportunity to help plan the schedule, so bring your own ideas of fun things to do with all your Goofing Off friends!

Session 3, Coding

June 26-30     $200

Are you ready to get your game on? This camp is the perfect opportunity for Middle Schoolers who are interested in programming, AKA writing code, to learn the basics and more. Students will learn the core fundamentals of programming in a fun and creative environment and will put into practice the concepts that they have learned using web-based game development. Each day students will tap into their natural creativity to design and code games that can run in a web browser. At week's end, students will have the knowledge and confidence needed to work towards an exciting and creative career as a computer programmer. This camp is taught by Cameron Parker, who has over 10 years of experience in information technology and computer programming. Cameron says, “I am a firm believer that ANYONE can learn programming, and this camp is a great place to start.”

Session 4, Mythbusting

July 3, 5-7     $160
This session is full. You may sign up to join the wait list.

Is the five-second rule for food on the floor real? Does an eye patch help you see in the dark? Can you eat pop rocks and drink Coke safely? Can paper be folded in half more than seven times? These are just some of the fascinating questions we will investigate and prove either to be true or busted! Can you really outsmart thermal sensors or motion detectors? Is yawning contagious? Does toast always fall butter side down? We need to know, and we want to experiment for ourselves, not just watch it on TV. Don’t worry; no Middle Schoolers will be harmed in the conducting of these experiments! Join us for some real hands-on fun!  

This is a 4-day week, as we are closed Tuesday for the national holiday, 4th of July.

Session 5, Cooking

July 10-14     $200
This session is now full. You may sign up to join the wait list.

Bring out your inner Julia, Emeril, or Betty Crocker as we spend a week in the kitchen learning how to prepare different meals and desserts. Learn how to cook tasty meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Participants will also learn how to measure ingredients, design a menu using seasonal ingredients, and learn how frosting can cover up even the biggest mistake. We will learn how to be safe in the kitchen and not burn anything - especially ourselves! Field trips to a mill, creamery, and farmer’s market are scheduled. Parents are invited to a luncheon feast prepared by our chefs on Friday.

Session 6, Wilderness Adventure

July 17-21     $200

This course gives Middle Schoolers the chance to experience the great outdoors firsthand. We will have the chance to fish, swim at Hanging Rock Lake, and explore nature trails at local parks. Participants will learn how to set up tents, prepare meals on cook stoves and an open fire, use a GPS and compass, and build a safe campfire. A one-night campout at Stone Mountain State Park is included. All camping equipment and food is supplied by the school, and a detailed packing list will be sent home during the week. We will leave school Thursday morning, set up our campsite, hike to the top of the waterfall, then return to our campsite and cook dinner. In the morning we will cook breakfast, pack up, and return to school by 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

Session 7, Woodworking

July 24-28     $200
This session is full. You may sign up to join the wait list.

Building on our Carpentry week for younger kids, this week will give participants the opportunity to hone basic skills with hand tools, work on bigger projects using more complicated tools, and do finish work on their wood creations. Each student will choose a project from many different options and plans, including Adirondack chairs, bookshelves, benches, and desk shelving. If participants want to create and design their own projects, we can help them make their ideas a reality.

Session 8, Make It Yourself!

July 31-Aug. 4     $200
This session is full. You may sign up to join the wait list.

This is a hands-on week!  We will immerse participants in safely using all kinds of hand tools to create projects ranging from dying artful fabrics to making things out of wood. Projects include: sun prints; hula hoops; glass etching; paper marbling; tie-dye; batik; wood block transfers; button making; leather kits; milkshakes and smoothies; origami; mosaics; and duct tape projects such as wallets, bow ties, and flowers. Participants will also explore 3-D modeling software and model printing with our 3-D printers.

Session 9, Goofing Off Again

August 7-11     $200 

This 2nd session of Goofing Off gives participants another opportunity to do nothing but have fun. Some of this week will be planned from ideas brought by participants on Monday. Two days of the week, participants will get to select where to eat at local restaurants for lunch. We will go bowling and go see an appropriately rated movie. We will take time to explore some of the many beautiful parks that are right here in the Gate City. Bring your own ideas of fun things to do with all your Goofing Off friends!