Summer Adventures Sessions

For 5-year-olds who have completed full-day kindergarten to students who have completed 3rd grade
Summer Adventures camp is held on the Guilford Campus at 1128 New Garden Road.

Summer Adventures offers weekly themed sessions. These themes provide a focus for learning about science, historical events and people, and for games and craft projects. Participants will often be separated into groups by age, but they will have the opportunity to work in multi-age groups for some projects and games. The daily schedule is similar to a day of school, so five-year-olds who have not completed full-day kindergarten are not eligible for this program.

Sessions are open for registration unless otherwise noted.

Session 1, Knights and Castles

June 12-16     $195

Become a knight of the realm by going on a Knight’s Quest to test your bravery and skill! See if you are worthy to pull the sword from the stone. Learn about medieval knight life and compete in new knightly challenges! Decorate your own family crest on shields, write scrolls, make medallions, and design your own banner. Write your own spells and mix potions in our dank dungeon; make your choice of a jester, wizard or princess hat; and make a wizard cape and wand. We will bake and eat gingerbread, write our own Bestiary, launch catapults, and play the games Defend the Castle, Quidditch, and Catapult Chess! Learn how to tame a unicorn, fight off a fiery dragon, and hunt for the mysterious nest of the basilisk in our quest to achieve knighthood!  

Session 2, Carpentry & Architecture

June 19-23     $210
This session is full. You may sign up to join the wait list.

Choose a project to build, such as our all new pirate ship project, secret compartment box, castle, treasure chest, bookshelf, birdhouse, tech charging station, toolbox, utility stool, and more! Learn how to safely use a handsaw, hammer, hand drill, square, pliers, wood rasp, and screwdrivers to build your masterpiece. Build wooden model kits and model stone houses to take home. Kids will get to judge the 17th Annual Professor Safety Pageant.  We will make wooden snakes and use stains from items in nature to create wood art. We will design Rube Goldberg machines and build structures in a town to see if they can survive natural disasters such as tornadoes, meteors, landslides, floods, volcanoes, and even black holes!

Session 3, Detectives and Spies

June 26-30     $195
This session is full. You may sign up to join the wait list.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help investigate the scene of the crime and become a super sleuth. Practice your CSI skills as we dust for fingerprints, take soil samples, use a microscope to examine evidence, and interview suspects to determine which counselor has a good alibi and which one is a possible spy! We will make spy gadgets like mirrored sunglasses and secret message rocks. Use night vision goggles, bake moon cookies with secret messages, write and decode encrypted messages, and use invisible ink. We will test our skills in our new escape room. We will train to be secret agents by wearing disguises, creating ID cards & passports, and earn TOP SECRET clearance to the crime lab. Enemy agents beware!  

Session 4, Animal Crackers

July 3, 5-7     $155

Love animals?!  Learn all about the animal kingdom this week including a trip to the North Carolina Zoo to see lions, lemurs, bison, and elephants!  We will make animal pens, baby owls, bug puppets, and animal masks. We will make Animal Tracking books to learn about different kinds of animal tracks. Will will bake dog treats, and we will eat dirt cake and animal crackers that we back to put in our own designed animal cracker boxes. We’ll finish the week with our trip to the zoo on Friday!   

This is a 4-day week, as we are closed Tuesday for the national holiday, 4th of July.

Session 5, Pyramids and Mummies

July 10-14     $195

Become an archaeologist digging for artifacts and find treasures buried in the sand. Learn the secrets of how to mummify a king and how the pyramids were built. Make burial masks and mini mummies. Explore secret passages, escape booby traps, and avoid the mummy curse to make it out of the tomb hunts each day. Make ancient jewelry and Egyptian clothing. Learn to write in Hieroglyphics and learn about famous female pharaohs.  Mummify cats, play King Tut’s favorite board game, and make protective amulets.  Adventure awaits!

Session 6, Mad Scientists

July 17-21     $195

Full STEAM ahead! Join us in our secret laboratory where we will make ooey, gooey, gross creations: slime, silly putty, bouncy balls, and oobleck. You can make ice cream, experiment with Earth magnets, watch ghost crystals vanish, and watch frozen fruit shatter!  We will tye-dye t-shirts, make glitter globes and rocket balloon cars, create glow-in-the-dark snow, make play dough, and experiment with dry ice. We will grow borax crystals, make a pickle glow, generate giant smoke rings, and make smoke bubbles. Visit our Mad Lab and witness mind-boggling feats of Science In Action!

Session 7, Space Adventures

July 24-28     $195

Join the exploration of space as we boldly go where no camp has gone before! Learn all about NASA, different space vehicles, and the first men and women to explore space. Build Martian land rovers, design a moon colony, eat astronaut ice cream, make astro-monkey space suits, create your own alien species, and play with tons of science fiction action figures.  Shoot model rockets, make planets, make your own jet packs, and learn about the constellations. Join Space Command and defend the Earth from a menacing alien invasion!

Session 8, Strange Sightings

July 31-Aug. 4     $195

Sasquatch? Chupacabras? Nessie? The Lost Continent of Atlantis? Do these things exist???  Do we know? Do we really care? Come explore these unexplained phenomena that make us say, “What was that?!” Find out about UFO sightings, the Devil's Triangle, Area 51, and the mysteries of Puma Punku. Track Bigfoot’s footprints through the woods, pour plaster casts of your foot, and set traps for the big creature. Build a replica of Atlantis to take home and write your own field guide of cryptids. Create Alien Containment Units, make Monster Spotter Field Kits, and get your official Creature Spotting License. Watch footage of actual creatures; then decide if it’s real or a hoax, and create your own “footage” of a “sighting.” Finally, on Friday we will put our creature tracking skills to to the test in our quest to round up all the cryptids we have learned about during the week.

Session 9, Pirates

August 7-11     $195

Make your own pirate flag and get ready to set sail on the high seas for adventure!  Learn all about a pirate’s life. Learn how a ship stays afloat and stamp your own pirate coins. Go on daily hunts for treasure, but look out for pirates! Learn how to use a compass, design your own pirate wardrobe, make “pieces of eight,” create giant treasure maps, and hear pirate legends, such as the lost legend of pirate Joseph Bannister. Squeeze lemon/limeades; build your own piratical Viking longboats; cook ship biscuits; and design, build, and race your own pirate ship.