Summer Explorer Sessions


Summer 2017 offerings coming soon!


For kids who have completed 4th & 5th grades

Summer Explorers Sessions are held on the NGFS Guilford Campus at 1128 New Garden Road.

Sessions run from 9:00am-3:30pm.

Student drop-off begins at 8:45am and pick-up ends at 3:45pm.

Participants must bring a lunch, snack, and water bottle each day.

Extended Care morning hours are available from 8:00am-8:45am & afternoon hours are available from 3:45pm-6:00pm.  Click here for more details.

Summer Explorers is a level of summer program that allows 4th and 5th grade students to explore new activities and themes in an age appropriate group. Themes for this program were created using a blend of ideas from both our Adventures Sessions and our Middle School Electives, giving the participants a bridge between the two programs. In addition to activities on campus, we are offering several field trip opportunities. The smaller group size in this program will provide participants a chance to do more in-depth and developmentally appropriate activities and projects.

Summer 2016 Schedule

Marco Polo: Adventures on the Silk Road

June 13-17

Welcome brave travelers to a week of trade and exploration around the globe! Together we will follow Marco Polo and other traders from Venice to join the caravan along the silk road, trading with people from all over the world. We will make fine goods to trade along the way. We will make felt rugs, make paper and dip and pour candles.  We will make and learn to use an abacus, learn to make and eat noodles, drink our own spiced tea, and harvest coconut milk to enjoy.  Boredom is an ever present enemy, so we will learn to play Liars Dice, make and play Tafl board games to help us pass the time on our long journeys to faraway lands. By the end of our adventures all traders will be skilled in creating trade goods and navigating the high seas, and have a healthy appetite to try new and unknown things!

Outdoor Adventure (This session is now full.  You may register to be on the waitlist.)

June 20-24

Strap on your hiking boots and fishing gear, don’t forget your compass, a paddle, and definitely bring a bathing suit!  Learn all about “roughing it” as we learn how to pitch a tent, use a compass and GPS, cook s’mores over an open fire and build emergency shelters.  We will go on a “survival challenge” and make sunprints, cooling bandanas, paracord creations and wind chimes.  We will hike, fish, swim and canoe our way through the week while we learn about the great outdoors!  We will be visiting area parks, playgrounds, and lakes including Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury, North Carolina.

Table Top Games (This session is now full.  You may register to be on the waitlist.)

June 27 - July 1

Design, create and make your own board game to take home, including dice, board pieces and cards.  Play lots of board games including Settlers of Cataan, King of Tokyo, Stratego, checkers, chess, backgammon and Dungeon!  Play tons of card games including Egyptian Rat, spoons and Kings in the Corner! Learn how to play Mao if you dare and scream as loud as you can at Pit.  We will teach you how to play Flux, and you can bring your own card games!  We will also spend plenty of time running around outside playing beckon, camouflage and capture the flag!  Everyone will also get to participate in a life size game of chess and life size Clue!

Weird Science

July 5-8

Tackle feats of science this week with all kinds of fun chemistry experiments and see Science in Action!  We will mix lots of gooey concoctions to create slime and ooblech, and make bouncy blobs, lava lamps and tye-dye shirts during this week.  We will also delve into some stranger experiments like will Coca-Cola actually dissolve a nail or a piece of meat? Come find out the answer and discover much more when we suit up to tackle the important questions of science…or at least the weird and interesting ones!  What happens when you drop things out of a 2nd story window? Don’t worry parents, we will take the utmost safety precautions and never do anything dangerous! Let’s see if these investigations can be tackled by our crack team of non-professional scientists!  This is a 4 day week starting on Tuesday. We are closed Monday for the national holiday, 4th of July!

Duct Tape (This session is now full.  You may register to be on the waitlist.)

July 11-15

What can’t you do with duct tape?  Really?!  Come find out as we explore the wondrous world of duct tape and other adhesive marvels. Participants will make duct tape wallets and other accessories and develop their construction skills, which will be used to complete daily challenges that will be judged by a panel of tape experts. Bags, hats, ties, flower pens, piggy banks, and world landmarks are just a few of the things created! Participants will work on projects to showcase on Friday for everyone to enjoy!

Carpentry & Architecture

July 18-22

Building on our Carpentry week from Summer Adventures, this session will give participants the opportunity to hone basic skills they have with hand tools, use different tools and do more finish work  on their wood creations including sanding and staining with eco-friendly stains.  Each explorer will choose a project from many different options and plans, including the classic treasure chest, bookshelves, toolboxes, etc.  If participants want to create their own project, we can help make their idea a reality. We will also expand on the exploding Popsicle stick project!    

Ancient Rome (This session is now full.  You may register to be on the waitlist.)

July 25-29

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we are going to learn everything there is to know about it in 1 week!  From Romulus and Remus to Caesar Augustus, we will spend the week learning how Rome became the most powerful culture in the world!  Come learn the game of Trigon, make and play dice games, build a mosaic, make brass mirrors, and write on wax tablets.  We will design and race remote controlled chariots, make Roman shields, debate in a Roman senate and defend the empire from Barbarian hoards.  We will mix up scented oils, build arched aqueducts, make Roman helmets, mint coins of the empire, as well as clean ancient coins found in the empire.  We will also bake sweet treats made from honey!  Don’t miss this exciting session!

Goofballs (This session is now full.  You may register to be on the waitlist.)

August 1-5

This session gives participants the chance to have fun playing crazy, weird sports and venturing out to find out what is fun to do around town.  We will play games like secret documents, croquet, Frisbee golf and lots of different tag and card games. We will go out to eat one day, go swimming, watch a movie, eat popcorn and make cookies and brownies. Come hang out and have a goofy fun week!  

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