Registration and payments are made through the Camp Network registration site. If you have more than one child attending, you must complete a registration for each child. Select the sessions for the first child and complete the registration. Then, select sessions for the second child. You will have the option to auto-fill the registration form from the first child's registration, and then change the fields that need to be changed for the second child. 
After you complete registration, you can login to your account any time to review your sessions, see balance information, and make payments. If you need to change a session, send an email to summer@ngfs.orgIf you would like to add a session after your initial registration, click "Register Here" above; click "Add" for the session(s) you want to add (if you are adding sessions for more than one child, you must complete these steps for one child at a time). Click "Register" and sign in with the email and password you initially used. The next screen will provide an autofill option; select the correct child (if more than one listed), and the form will autofill your responses from the original registration. Then, proceed through the screens to the signature and payment screens. If you are adding sessions for more than one child, follow these steps for each child. For cancellation, refund policy, and other questions, see the Summer Camp FAQ page.


Preschool Summer (ages 3-5) - $145* per session
*Fun with Food, which is a 4-day week, is $115

Summer Adventures (completed K-3) - $195* per session
*Carpentry & Architecture $210
*Animal Crackers, which is a 4-day week, is $155

Summer Explorers (completed 4-5) - $195* per session
*Carpentry & Architecture is $210
*Wacky Games, which is a 4-day week, is $155

Middle School Electives (completed 6-8) - $200* per session
*Mythbusting, which is a 4-day week, is $155
*Sports Camp, which is a half-day (9-1) camp, is $125

Friendly Violins - $250


A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is due for each camp session at the time of registration. The deposit is inclusive and will be applied to the camp session fee. The remaining balance is due the week before each camp session.  

Early Bird Discount

Register by May 5 and receive $10 off each session. Registration must be submitted by midnight, Friday, May 5, to receive this discount. Any sessions added after this date will be regular price.

Late Registration

You may register for a session up to the Friday before the session begins for no additional fee. Registrations received on Saturday or Sunday before a session begins the following Monday will be assessed a late registration fee of $10. The late registration fee will be added to the session fee, and both must be paid at the time of registration.