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Information for 2018-19 School Year


All meetings are 8:30-9:30 a.m. and are generally the second Tuesday of the month with rare exceptions based on conflicts. We will alternate campuses this year. Mark your calendars with the dates below!

Sept. 11 Annex
Oct. 9 GC Library
Nov. 13 Annex
Dec. 11 GC Library
Jan. 15 Annex
Feb. 12 GC Library
March 5 Annex
April 9 GC Library
May 14 Annex

Board Members and Room Parents


PCA Board

1) Clerk - Jim Bassett
2) Rising Clerk - Tamara Blackwell
3) Secretary Treasurer - Summer Estes
4) Guilford Campus Volunteer Coordinator - Jay Jahnes
5) PFC Campus Volunteer Coordinator - Catherine Clawson
6) Upper School At Large - Aimee Depoortere
7) Middle School At Large - Leslie Garnier Crooker
8) Lower School At Large - Suzanne Benson

Room Parents

Sunrise - Daisy Ruggerio
Rainbow - Lauren Ascencios, Jay Jahnes
Horizon - Wendy Mies and Gretchen Hill
Galaxy - Gretchen Espinoza-Morales and Suzanne Benson
7th - Heather Setzler
8th- Lauren Ascencios
9th - Joy Klaff
10th - Cyndi Wolfe
11th - Jennifer Becker
12th - Deb Overby


Have questions about how the PCA works? Check out this FAQ!