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Parent and Community Association

Welcome to the Parent and Community Association 

The Parent and Community Association (PCA), our parent volunteer arm, is much like most PTAs. All NGFS parents and guardians are part of the PCA. The PCA is here to support the teachers and administration through volunteer support, special events, and family opportunities.  

We encourage you to get involved. There is no better way to get connected, get to know your teachers, and meet other parents, and we will have lots of opportunities for you. Some of the things you have to look forward to include our Fall Unity Festival, Staff Appreciation events, GrandFriends Day, drama productions, sports events, fall and spring trips — the list goes on and on!

Each year, we select one or more parents to serve as a room parent for your child's grade - these individuals, along with the campus volunteer coordinators, serve as a pulse point for volunteer opportunities in the classroom and throughout the school.

Interested in participating as a room parent or volunteering in other ways throughout the school year?

Current Parent and Community Association Leadership includes:

2017-18 PCA BOARD

Clerk - Leslie Crooker (6th grade, Galaxy)
Rising Clerk - Jim Bassett (6th grade, Galaxy)
Secretary/Treasurer - Suzanne Benson (4th grade, Horizon)
Lower Volunteer Coordinator - Wendy Mies (2nd Rainbow & 3rd Horizon)
Upper Volunteer Coordinator - Catherine Clawson (9th)
Lower & Middle at Large - Jen Schell (5th Horizon & 8th)
Upper at Large - Deb Overby (11th)
Room Parents:
Lower School
ACG - Jay and Heather Jahnes
SunriseLauren Marx-Ascencios, Lauren Mast, Janina Austin
Rainbow - Ashley Mazzei, Evan Goldstein, Emily Janke
Horizon - Sabrina Welch, Michelle Kennedy, Gretchen Espinoza-Morales
Galaxy - Cary Bassett, Amanda Toomey
Middle and Upper School
7 - Lauren Ascencios
8 - Michelle Puzio, Donna Bell
9 - Cyndi Wolfe
10 - Aimee De Poortere
11 - Celeste Williams
12 - Gay Maness