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Responding to COVID-19

We provide this dashboard to share information about how COVID-19 is affecting our community. Students and employees are included in these numbers. This dashboard will be updated on a daily basis, Monday through Friday during the regular school year. Weekend activity will be included in Monday’s numbers. 

Updated: February 3, 2023 10:30 am
Lower School Community Members 

Confirmed Positive COVID Cases currently in quarantine: 2

Middle and Upper School Community Members 

Positive Case currently in quarantine: 1

Cumulative for all Community Members

Positive cases for 2022-23 school year: 42


Together Again: Responsive and Resilient

Our goal is to keep school operations and instruction calibrated to public health conditions in NC, specifically in Guilford County. We will continue to rely on the guidance, consideration, and mandates established by national, local, and state health experts and leaders, our medical advisors, and our school health team. Regular monitoring of the overall health and well-being of our school community will also be considered independently.

Health Screening for Students

The “Health Screening for Students” will not be required every day, but it will always be available to help families determine whether their student can come to school. The screening tool is available on the home screen of the NGFS app.

If you experience issues with the app, the student screening can be accessed directly through this link: Health Screening for STUDENTS.

Staff can access the screening directly through this link: Health Screening for Staff.

If your student visits a healthcare provider, please have them complete this Return to School form.

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