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School Life in 2021

Bringing our campus to you!

Because campus tours are currently happening after school day hours to ensure safety with COVID-19 protocols, we want to give prospective families a peek into the daily life of our students. See recent highlights from grades preschool-6th below!

A Child's Garden: Preschool

In February 2021, our preschool students have been busy! The Iris class (4-year-olds) has been creating a forest habitat for hibernators as well as learning about Arctic animal habitats. The Crocus class (3-year-olds) made Valentine's cards and practiced saying “I love you” in sign language, as well as talking about different ways to show love and kindness. 

Sunrise: Kindergarten

In January and February 2021, kindergarten students have been celebrating Black History Month and learned about the sit-ins that began in Greensboro. In Science, students are learning about tools and how we use them all the time! In math, Sunrisers are focusing on subtracting. In writing workshop this month, kindergartners are writing true stories from their lives, and have been working on strong beginnings and ending their stories with feelings.

Rainbow: Grades 1&2

In January and February 2021, first and second grade students are studying the Underground Railroad and have learned about quilt patterns and how quilts were used as maps. They have been reading and comparing texts related to Black history and civil rights. With their 5th and 6th grade buddies, students listened to “A is for Activist” and made their own signs for issues they believe are important. In writing, students have been working on writing their autobiographies. They are writing basic facts about their lives as well as their favorite memories and proudest moments. 

Horizon: Grades 3&4

In January and February 2021, 3rd and 4th grade students collected food for Out of the Garden Project. This is an annual service learning initiative and the class was excited to be able to be a part of it again this year. Horizon is currently in their water and climate unit; both in-person and remote learners have been conducting experiments regularly. The class is also working on persuasive letter writing and are reading texts related to Black History month. 

Galaxy: Grades 5&6

In January and February 2021, Galaxy students are exploring simple machines by learning about the wheel and axle and pulley through discussions, hands-on activities, and videos. Sixth-grade writers are discussing character change and theme as well as a new word study unit on Greek and Latin roots. In reading, Galaxians are focused on the mystery genre. Instead of reading logs and reactions, students are responsible for reading the assigned section of the book for the next meeting and completing a role sheet of opinions to share with their group.