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School Life in 2021

Bringing our campus to you!

We want to give prospective families a peek into the daily life of our students. See recent highlights below!

A Child's Garden: Preschool

In March and April, preschool students have been enjoying signs of spring! They have studied spring babies and the parts of a plant. Irises have planted cabbage, peppers, basil, and carrots in the garden. A new center has also been added to the classroom: a writing/art where students can select items to create art, books, or letters/cards.

Sunrise: Kindergarten

In March and April, kindergarten students are using their Reading Super Powers to read even longer books. During Fundations the students are learning more about digraphs like sh, ch, ck, wh, and th, and they have been having a lot of fun tapping to spell, write, and read words with these new patterns. During reading workshop the class took a fun “field trip” to the beach (the gym) to read. They spread out their rest towels, listened to the sounds of the ocean, and relaxed while the books and their imaginations took them on an adventure together.

Rainbow: Grades 1&2

In March and April, 1st and 2nd graders began their new unit, geography and geology. They have learned about tools used to study geography, as well as natural and human made structures. In writing, students are studying poetry. In-person learners took a sensory walk through the Guilford Garden and then wrote their own sensory poem about the sights and sounds experienced.

Horizon: Grades 3&4

In March and April, Horizon students are learning about Our Great State, North Carolina. They have studied the three regions so far. In the following weeks, they will focus on each region in greater detail and begin a long term hands-on project. Students are also creating an informative North Carolina-themed ABC book in writing. In celebration of women’s history, students have been reading about Malala Yousefzai, Katherine Switzer, Sonya Sotomayor, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Clara Lemlich.

Galaxy: Grades 5&6

In March and April, Galaxy students have begun their final Integrated Studies unit of the year: 1800s America. Students are learning about what our country was like at the beginning of the century by acting as historians: 'reading' articles, pictures, maps, and charts for information. They're also learning about the Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, a westward expansion and how this led to tension with the Native Americans, such as the Trail of Tears. They also began to study the trails that pioneers used heading west and what life was like on the trail. 

Middle School: Grades 7&8


Upper School: Grades 9-12