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Homework Philosophy

Homework Purpose and Expectations 

for Lower School

The purpose of homework is to offer practice, to individualize, and to develop skills and study habits. Meaningful homework provides a bridge between home and school, and allows parents a chance to know what skills their child is working on. It enables parents to become more involved and actively supportive of their child’s academic development. Research shows there is little benefit to a regular regimen of homework in younger grades.

At New Garden Friends School teachers select meaningful assignments to complement the in-class instruction and provide benefit to the student. Optional extensions are provided for students who are ready for additional challenges.

We value a balance of schoolwork, home life, and other activities. We do not want to encroach upon decisions families make about after school activities and family time. No assignment, homework or otherwise, is more important than the well-being of our students and families. Our children must sleep. If a parent or student feels that assignments are too challenging or too much time is required for homework completion, we advise them to communicate this concern to the teacher.

We provide a logical progression of expectations from one grade level to another, and have an awareness of increased independence as students get older. At the K-2nd grade level homework helps set expectations that learning will be extended at home, and that families need to find time in their routines to accomplish homework. At the 3rd-6th grade level homework shifts from parent guided homework to independent student work.

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