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21st Century Skills

Essential Skills for the 21st Century

As we evaluate choices for how our students will spend their time, we ask ourselves:

  • Will this course of study support the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills?
  • Will these assignments or activities allow our students to collaborate across networks and lead by influence?
  • How will these challenges build our students' intellectual agility and adaptability?
  • Are we allowing our students the opportunity to nourish their creativity, so they will feel comfortable taking initiative?
  • Are we actively cultivating entrepreneurship?
  • Are we providing opportunities for our students to consistently hone their oral and written communication skills?
  • How often are we giving our students the challenge of effectively accessing and analyzing information?
  • Are we staying out of the way often enough to allow students to follow their own curiosity and imagination?
  • Are we supporting student directed paths of inquiry?