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Parent and Community Association Committees


PCA Committees will plan, organize, and work collectively as a group. Volunteers are needed to form the committees.

The purpose of this committee is to initiate, plan, and organize responses to intermittent needs and concerns that may arise within the community. Examples of types of responses could range from cards or gifts to express sympathy or support up to meal and transportation support for families experiencing more complex needs

 Volunteers on the FUF committee will help plan this perennial favorite event with the PCA. This committee is for the purpose of planning the event. Volunteers for working the actual day of the event will be sought through a separate Signup Genius.  *This event is currently planned for the spring of 2022 to be a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration* 

The primary focus of this committee is to coordinate and implement functions and events to show our amazing teachers and staff at NGFS how much we appreciate all that they do for our children. Examples of such events are the annual staff appreciation lunches, the dessert lottery, and snacks at monthly staff meetings. The committee also functions to brainstorm new ideas for ways to show our teachers and staff that they are appreciated.

This committee will aid the community in identifying and capitalizing upon easy national and local fundraising opportunities for the school. These include programs such as Box Tops for Education, Amazon Smile, Harris Teeter Together in Education, etc. The group may also research and apply for small grants that might be available for specific programs.

 Volunteer opportunities include reading to younger students, coding new books, shelving books, creating book displays, and checking-out books to students. Volunteers can sign up for a weekly slot, come in when time allows, or be available on an as-needed basis. *Currently inactive due to COVID-19*

This event is a fun annual community run and fundraiser. This committee is for the purposes of planning and organizing the event. Volunteers to work the actual day of the event will be sought through a separate Signup Genius.  *Currently inactive due to COVID-19*

The school would benefit greatly from having a group of parents willing to fill some of the concessions and admissions slots during athletic events in order to free the parents of athletes participating in that particular event to be able to watch their children play rather than running concessions. This is a fun way to meet members of the NGFS community while helping the school. *Currently inactive due to COVID-19*



PCA Initiatives are long-term school support projects that are organized by individuals rather than committees. The individuals in charge of the initiatives will intermittently draw from the support of the broader community for specific endeavors.

Book Fair - Coordinates with Carolyn Vallejos (Head of Lower School) in planning, coordinating, and organizing the Guilford Campus book fairs. *Currently inactive due to COVID-19*

PCA Community Outreach (headed by Jim Bassett) - The purpose of this initiative is to connect the PCA Board to the various components of the PCA community and to promote connection, camaraderie, and unity within the PCA community.


Retail Rewards Programs give small donations to schools when patrons shop at their stores, including Amazon,  Harris Teeter, and Lowes Foods. Since most of us shop at these locations already, this is an easy way to support NGFS! For each of the programs, all you need to do is link your account to the school. Please sign up using the NGFS PCA Retail Rewards Guide that lists the programs we partner with and how to link your account. 

Please contact the following PCA members for questions about these or other volunteer opportunities.

Jim Bassett (PCA Clerk)
Temica Hopson (Guilford Campus Volunteer Coordinator)
Tamara Blackwell and Misty Hopper (Page-Frederiksen Campus Co-Volunteer Coordinators)


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