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What is the NGFS PCA and how do I fit in? 

Q:  Just what is the PCA excatly? 

A:  The PCA (Parent and Community Association) is a volunteer organization that works to engage parents and the wider community of stakeholders in support of the mission of NGFS. It accomplishes this in many ways including teacher support and appreciation, organizing PCA sponsored school activities, providing volunteers for various functions of the school, fundraising, and promoting a sense of fellowship and community. 

Q:  Who makes up the PCA? 

A:  The PCA consists of the parents, guardians, and caregivers of the students as well as the NGFS staff. Membership is completely free (no dues!).  Although membership is automatic (yep, you’re already in the PCA!), participation is voluntary and the level of participation is completely up to the discretion of each individual. 

Q:  This sounds a lot like a PTA to me.  Why is it called the PCA? 

A:  This organization has a particular emphasis on the Quaker value of Community. Building and fostering a sense of community and fellowship with a spirit of kindness, tolerance, and acceptance of all perspectives is a central part of the PCA mission. 

Q:  What is the structure of the PCA? 

A:  The PCA consists of the board, the committees, and the general membership. The board is the governing body and is led by the clerk. In the Quaker tradition the clerk is similar to a chairperson with the emphasis being on facilitating consensus rather than top-down leadership. Much of the ongoing work of the board is divided up into the various committees. Each committee is headed by its own committee clerk. See a list of PCA board members here.

Q:  I’d like to help but I’m concerned that I won’t be useful or I won’t fit in. 

A: You would be surprised at the number of your fellow PCA members who feel/have felt exactly the same way (including those on the board). Getting involved with this organization is the easiest way to dispel these concerns. You will not find a more warm and accepting group of kind and compassionate individuals. We all often find ourselves to be a more clueless than we might wish as to exactly how to accomplish much of what we attempt. We would love it dearly if you would join us and we can figure it out together.

Q:  Why does it sometimes sound like the other PCA members are speaking another language? 

A:  There does seem to be a fair bit of NGFS jargon that takes awhile to figure out. Hopefully this glossary will help

Q:  How can I participate? 

A:  Oh, there are so many ways… 

  1. Sign up to be on one (or more!) of the PCA committees that interest you. Don’t worry, your time commitment can vary according to your level of desire and availability. *Recognize that committee functions may be altered during COVID-19.*
    See committee descriptions and the signup form.
  2. The board members and committees will periodically send out a Signup Genius for specific events and tasks throughout the year. Signup for all that interest you.
  3. There will be information on periodic options to just come out and socialize through the year. Please come join us. *There will be virtual events during COVID-19*
  4. We will be organizing periodic stewardship days in which we can get together as a community while giving back to the larger community. We would love to have you join us for these.
  5. Come to the PCA Board meetings. They are open to the entire community. The schedule is posted here and announced in the newsletter.  *Taking place virtually during COVID-19*
  6. Let Jim Bassett ( know if you are interested in one day being on the board, being a room parent, or leading a committee.