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Planned Giving

Planned giving is a method of charitable giving that allows ordinary people to make an extraordinary impact.

Planned giving allows donors to express their values by integrating personal, family, charitable and financial goals into a gift that helps provide a solid foundation for an organization they care about.

A planned gift is arranged with the school now but received in the future through means such as a will, life insurance policy, or charitable gift annuity. These gifts provide significant support to an organization while providing valuable tax benefits and, in the case of a charitable gift annuity, lifetime income for you and/or a spouse or other loved one. A planned gift can be set up at any age. Planned giving is simply another opportunity to make gifts, in addition to your annual giving.

New Garden Friends School is working closely with Friends Fiduciary in Philadelphia to develop a comprehensive planned giving program. If you have already made a planned gift or would like to discuss options available to you, please contact Kim Freedman at (336) 299-0964.

Use Friends Fiduciary's online gift calculator to explore how a planned gift might work for you.

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