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To reach the main office please call 336-299-0964. General questions can be emailed to:

Faculty and Staff Directory

  Name Title
Terry Aiken Aiken, Terry School Counselor
Erin Allred Allred, Erin Auxiliary Programs Assistant
Brandi Austin Austin, Brandi ESL Teacher
Lisa Bates-Glass Bates-Glass, Lisa Upper School Dean, Technology Facilitator
Erik Beerbower Beerbower, Erik 7-12 Art Teacher and Flag Football Coach
Barry Bell Bell, Barry 7-8 English Teacher
Marli Bennett Bennett, Marli Assistant Director of Athletics and Coach
Christopher Biber-Peterson Biber-Peterson, Christopher 9-12 Science Teacher
Jeff Bills Bills, Jeff Director of Auxiliary Programs
Melissa Bocci Bocci, Melissa 9-12 Spanish Teacher
Tracey Bouchard Bouchard, Tracey 5-6 Teacher
Cassie Bryant Bryant, Cassie
Blair Churchill Churchill, Blair Upper School Dean For Students, 7-12 Spanish Teacher
Meg Coscia Coscia, Meg 3-4 Teacher
Abigail Davidson Davidson, Abigail
Beth DeFilippis DeFilippis, Beth 1-2 Teacher
Victoria Dow Dow, Victoria Learning Specialist
Jenny Emendy Emendy, Jenny ACG Teacher's Assistant
Lore Fariss Fariss, Lore College Counselor
Liz Fleming Fleming, Liz Advancement Assistant
Kim Freedman Freedman, Kim Head of School
Percy Gates Gates, Percy 9-12 Math Teacher
Sherrie Harmon Harmon, Sherrie 3-4 Teacher
Brad Harrell Harrell, Brad 5-6 Teacher
Carrie Hart Hart, Carrie 9-12 English Teacher
Michael Hill Hill, Michael Finance Assistant
Hanna Hobson Hobson, Hanna Assistant to the Head of School
Coleman Ikenberry Ikenberry, Coleman Director of Extended Care
Robb Jolly Jolly, Robb PS-6 Spanish Teacher
Tanisha Jones Jones, Tanisha Middle School Dean, 7-9 Math Teacher
Peter Kalajian Kalajian, Peter 9-12 History Teacher and Chess Coach
Margaret Kane Kane, Margaret 5-6 Teacher
Maura Kern Kern, Maura PS-6 Art Teacher
Maggie Keskinen Keskinen, Maggie Admissions and International Student Coordinator
Benjamin Lancaster Lancaster, Benjamin ACG Teacher's Assistant
Christine Lawe Lawe, Christine Reading Specialist
Lindley Stovall Laws Laws, Lindley Stovall 1-2 Teacher
Cory MacKenzie MacKenzie, Cory Math Specialist
Maria Maul Maul, Maria Preschool Teacher
Charles Merritt Merritt, Charles PS-6 Physical Education Teacher
Pattie Midgett Midgett, Pattie Director of Information and Enrollment Management
David Moran Moran, David 7-12 Math Teacher
Stacey Olsen Olsen, Stacey 9-12 Math Teacher
Susan Pelletier Pelletier, Susan Kindergarten Teacher
Jennifer Peña Peña, Jennifer 9-12 History Teacher
Jennifer Peña Peña, Jennifer 9-12 History Teacher
Ashley Raper Raper, Ashley Director of Institutional Advancement
Jonathan Raper Raper, Jonathan 7-8 History Teacher
Marci Richardson Richardson, Marci Learning Specialist
Garry Roupe Roupe, Garry Director of Facilities
Becky Sherman Sherman, Becky Technology Assistant
Christene Skidmore Skidmore, Christene Admissions Counselor
Mark Smith Smith, Mark 7-12 Music Teacher
Nikki Stafford Stafford, Nikki Director of Finance
Jacob Stewart Stewart, Jacob 1-2 Teacher
Neil Swenson Swenson, Neil 5-6 Teacher
Jeannie Sykes Sykes, Jeannie PS-6 Music Teacher
Laura Taylor Taylor, Laura 9-12 Math Teacher
Phil Tockman Tockman, Phil Athletic Director
BeBe Ullrich Ullrich, BeBe Reception
Carolyn Vallejos Vallejos, Carolyn Head of Lower School
Suzanne Vandergrift Vandergrift, Suzanne 3-12 Theater Teacher
Katie Wahal Wahal, Katie Director of Communications
Maura Way Way, Maura 9-12 English Teacher
Erin Wenger Wenger, Erin Kindergarten Teacher
Patrick Westervelt Westervelt, Patrick Facilities/Auxiliary Assistant
Jeannie Wigal Wigal, Jeannie Preschool Teacher
Danny Williams Williams, Danny Academic Coach
Candice Young Young, Candice 7-8 Science Teacher