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New Garden Friends School isn't just a first-rate educational institution to me. It isn't just a Quaker school whose founders (Jim Newlin and Bruce Stewart) believed that educating children from differing backgrounds together in a positive, affirming, and safe environment would be an important step toward battling the fear and hatred of bias and racism. It's more than the inclusive school I chose for my son 16 years ago and later for his brother. And it’s more than the school where thoughtful, curious, and kind students are prepared for their next steps. For me, and for many of our families, faculty, and staff, NGFS is home. The work we do to support, enhance, and improve NGFS is a labor of love for our students and families. We cherish the commitment to honoring and developing each person's gifts.

For me, and for many of our families, faculty, and staff, NGFS is home.

As a Quaker school, we have an implicit contract with our families; they entrust their children to us for a good part of every school day, and we endeavor to learn about the unique light that shines within each of these young people. We take this trust seriously. We are a fiercely protective lot when it comes to safeguarding our practices that allow us to provide engaging academic instruction AND to attend to the teaching that is required if we are to grow students who, in the words of William Penn, are enabled to live better in the world and who are excited about using their gifts to try to mend it.

For a number of years I have been proud to be part of this vibrant educational community where responsible, caring adults do everything they can to meet students where they are and provide what they need to propel them forward. Not just intellectually, but emotionally, and socially. A commitment to meeting individual students where they are is central to a responsive education.

If you are considering New Garden Friends School for your family, I encourage you to visit our campus, walk our halls, listen to our students, talk to our teachers, and see what an NGFS education could mean for your child.

Kim L. Freedman
Head of School