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To develop our new strategic plan, we sought feedback through a community-wide survey, formal discussion groups, and everyday communication with students, staff, families, and friends of our school. We discovered that appreciating and answering the needs of today’s students demands that we let go of assumptions and acknowledge that tomorrow’s educational landscape is not reasonably predictable based on the past. It is liable to be remarkably different.

Planning for the future of NGFS will require not a fixed long-range strategic plan but a responsive, adaptive growth strategy. The 2017-2020 Adaptive Strategy provides vital direction while encouraging us to embrace the ongoing inquiry, reflection, and action that is central to the outstanding Quaker education we provide for our students.

Watch the Strategic Plan Video

Our plan focuses on three key areas:

Telling Our Story:

Stand out in the educational landscape

Enhancing Our Program:

Build robust programs that inspire lifelong learning
Support and encourage student growth and individual learning styles
Live our Quaker values: support and develop a school culture and community of respect

Ensuring Our Future:

Steward our resources
Cultivate a sustainable governance structure


Strategic Planning Committee

Pattie Midgett, Clerk of Strategic Planning Committee, Director of Information and Enrollment Management, alumni parent, ALT*
Jeff Bills, Director of Auxiliary Programs, ALT*
Lisa Bates-Glass, Upper School Dean, current parent, ALT*
Tom Edgerton, Board member
Erin Brownlee Dell, Board member, alumni parent
Kim Freedman, Head of School, current and alumni parent, ALT*
Bill Green, Board member, alumni parent
Andy Haile, Board member, current parent
Tanisha Jones, Middle School Dean, alumni parent, ALT*
Judy Pellarin, Board member, alumni parent, former staff
Nick Purrington, Board Clerk, alumni parent
Janet McGoldrick, Board member, current parent
Dale Metz, Board member
Ashley Raper, Director of Institutional Advancement, current parent, ALT*
Jason Roghelia, Board member, current parent
Nikki Stafford, Director of Finance, ALT*
Phil Tockman, Athletic Director, current parent, ALT*
Gertrude Upperman, Board member 
Carolyn Vallejos, Lower School Head, current parent, ALT*
Scott Wagoner, Board member 
Katie Wahal, Director of Communications, ALT*
*Administrative Leadership Team
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