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Financial Aid FAQ

Tuition Assistance at NGFS 

Q. Is financial assistance available and how is it funded?

A. We work diligently to make an NGFS education available to as many worthy applicants and students as possible each year. We ask each family requesting financial aid to complete a packet outlining their current financial circumstances. The information is evaluated by a third party, FACTS who makes a recommendation on expected family contribution from your family. This and other information is provided to the Tuition Assistance Committee as they evaluate requests for your family and other applicants. The committee takes into consideration all the information provided, along with the recommendations from the FACTS evaluations, so it is important that you share as much as possible so that we may make an informed decision. We encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you and your family when deciding if an NGFS education is within reach.

Q. Who should apply for financial aid?

A. Families of students in grades TK-12 who are concerned they may not be able to afford a New Garden Friends School education may apply. Aid awards are unavailable for preschool students (A Child's Garden).

NGFS utilizes FACTS, an independent tuition management service to evaluate family financial need. FACTS takes many factors into account and makes a recommendation regarding what a family should be able to reasonably contribute to their child's educational expenses. While we attempt to provide aid to all qualifying families, our budget is limited, so we encourage families to apply early in the spring for the following academic year.

Q. How do I apply for financial aid?

A. To start the process, you will navigate to the FACTS website and follow the instructions.

Q: I'm having technical issues with the FACTS application, how do I get help?

A: Please contact FACTS for customer or tech support, 866-315-9262. You can refer to their FAQ here.

Q. Does the school set priorities when allocating aid?

A. First consideration of budgeted dollars is given to renewal applicants (i.e. current students) who have completed all financial aid application requirements on time. Secondly, new financial aid applications among enrolled students and from students newly accepted by the Admissions Committee are considered. Finally, new and renewal applications completed after the specified deadlines are considered for any funds that remain or that may become available at a later date.  Funds are not guaranteed for families whose forms are received after the March 1 deadline.

Q. Who determines a family’s need? Is the information confidential?

A. New Garden Friends School employs a third party assessor, FACTS, for all tuition assistance applications. FACTS provides an unbiased assessment of expected family contribution towards your student’s education based on your income, other obligations, number of children etc. The evaluation and any other pertinent information is used by the Financial Aid Committee in determining the amount of aid that will be awarded. These grants reflect the availability of funds in the greater pool of candidates as well as assessment of individual student/family financial need. Financial Aid awards are determined by a very small committee that does not include faculty.

Q. Is financial aid automatically renewed each year?

A. New Garden Friends School requires families receiving aid to re-apply each year. Understanding that it is the family’s obligation to make sure all accounts with the Business Office are current, if a family is in arrears and has not made special arrangements with the business office, the Financial Aid Committee may not allocate aid for the following year. If a family's financial status changes, the amount awarded may be more or less aid in any given year.

Q. Does financial aid cover non-tuition school expenses?

 A. No, financial assistance is limited to tuition only. Families should carefully consider the costs of fees for athletics or extra-curricular activities when planning for the next year’s educational expenses.

Q. Is there a repayment obligation when a family receives financial aid?

A. No. There is no obligation to repay financial aid awarded by the school. Loans are distinct from financial aid. Any loans parents make with an independent party should be repaid according to the particular loan agreement.