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We Teach Through a Lens of Respect 

Our students are given the honor and responsibility of being known.


Visit us to see for yourself.  

A Unique Approach to Learning

Students learn to respect and practice truth and to know the various ways it can be found — through scientific investigation, creative expression, conversation, worship, service within the school community, and beyond.  

Living Our Quaker Roots

At NGFS, all students call teachers by their first names. We don’t do that because it’s informal, we do it because it is a treasured Quaker practice that stems from the belief that every person deserves respect. It’s not something you get from a title. Respect for one another is modeled by teachers, role-played by students, and experienced as the fundamental piece of who we are as a school. It is evident in the small moments that make up our days.

Essential Skills for the 21st Century

At NGFS, the topic of curriculum is an ongoing and spirited conversation. As a Friends school we have a unique obligation to our students and families: academic excellence and spiritual depth. Our administration, faculty, and staff are committed to holding the elements of our curriculum up to both the long-held standards of rigorous and exceptional Friends schools, and the evidence-based practices of today’s thought leaders in education. 

Beyond Report Cards

We believe that students and parents are best served with a regular schedule of conferences and a detailed assessment of the student's progress and qualities rather than simple letter or numerical grades. While our evaluations do include checklists that assess student progress in academic areas, they also provide a rich and comprehensive portrait of how the student is progressing, both intellectually and socially. Specific steps for areas that need further work are covered, as well as next steps for students who would benefit from additional academic challenges. 

Service Learning

Because Friends believe that faith requires action in the world, Friends schools emphasize the development of a caring community, peaceful resolution of conflict, and service to others, especially those less fortunate. Friends have a long tradition of putting love into action, and the Quaker testimonies of equality, community, harmony, and simplicity are reflected in the life of the school. Students grow into compassionate and responsible adults who recognize their interconnectedness with the larger human family. 

Outside the Classroom: Trips

At NGFS, we take learning outside the classroom. Way outside! From the smallest patch of garden on campus, to a children's home in the Dominican Republic, our students are aware of their obligations as responsible local and global citizens. Today’s students have a virtually unlimited view of the world — on screens. From preschool to 12th grade, NGFS students are challenged to get outside, get involved, and get dirty!