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Welcome to Lower School


We believe children deserve to spend their days in a learning community where they are known and respected, not for who they may become, but for the people they are today.

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The Right Experiences at the Right Time


Our curriculum, activities, and expectations are specifically designed to honor the developing minds, bodies, and hearts of our students. When children’s ideas and questions are taken seriously, their intellectual inquiry is boundless. Young scholars are inquisitive by nature, and they do best when their learning is immersive and experiential. Nourishing the enthusiasm of young students creates an atmosphere of joyous discovery and builds the competencies students need to dig deeper and take on greater challenges.


Get to Know Our Lower School Faculty

Carolyn Howes
Head of Lower School

Years at NGFS: 21

In 2016, Carolyn became Head of Lower School after teaching in Rainbow as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher since 2000.

She says, “I love being part of a community that continues to find new ways to make learning exciting and meaningful for students."

Reading Specialist Christine Lawe
receives 2022 Schools Choice
NC Educator of the Year Award.
Dedicated Faculty

NGFS faculty are artists, scientists, historians, and most of all, incredible educators.

Meet the Lower School faculty