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How We Support Students

Polaris Learning Labs at NGFS

The commitment to honoring and developing each person’s gifts is at the core of our mission at New Garden Friends School. The concept of Polaris Learning Labs was conceived to ensure that each student in our inclusive community is provided with the intellectual, social, and emotional skills they need to take their next steps with confidence and compassion. 

At NGFS, our concern for students’ social and emotional wellness and growth does not take a back seat to academic endeavors. We are committed to healthy, balanced, and developmentally appropriate levels of support and challenge. Polaris Learning Labs are staffed by our Learning Specialist Teams. The Labs encompass executive functioning skills, support, and enrichment.

Click the links below to learn about the services offered through Polaris Learning Labs.

2023-24 Lower School Polaris Program 

2023-24 Middle & Upper School Polaris Program

2024-25 program brochures coming soon!

Level 1 Services

For All Students
  • Explicit instruction in executive functioning skills from our faculty throughout the year, as developmentally appropriate by level
  • Intermittent tutorial or enrichment support from faculty and/or Learning Specialists in small group settings, as needed
  • Personalized plans for student support and extension based on strengths and/or struggles created by the Learning Specialist Team in collaboration with faculty
  • Access to and scheduling for more intensive privately paid tutoring with recommended providers who can aid students on campus during the school day or after school
  • Accommodations for students with demonstrated need or ability with or without up-to-date psychoeducational testing

All NGFS students have access to Level 1 services. 
The cost is included in the tuition of our comprehensive educational program. 

Level 2 Services

Reading and Language Arts Services for Lower School Students

Families of students who qualify for accommodations or extension based on psychoeducational testing or demonstrated ability or need may choose to participate in additional individualized learning options available with Level 2 services.


Reading support for grades 1-6 is provided for an additional fee.  
Level 2 Support for Lower School - Small group instruction, 1-4X week - $1,100/semester 

Level 2 Services

Executive Functioning Skills for Middle & Upper School Students

The intentional cultivation of critical executive functioning skills includes developing the competencies students need to succeed in grades 7-12:

  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Attention
  • Time Management
  • Task Initiation
  • Metacognition
  • Self-regulation
  • Chunking long-term assignments into manageable steps
  • Perseverance
  • Flexibility/ Resiliency
  • Reading Strategies
  • Note-Taking Strategies
  • Test Prep
  • Synthesizing Information
  • Responsive Writing
  • Making Connections
  • Self-advocacy

Enrollment in these courses is provided for an additional fee.  
Middle School: “Skills for Academic Success” - $2,200 per course 
Middle School: “Guided Study Hall” - $2,200 per course 
Middle School: “Math Lab” - $2,200 per course 

Upper School: “Academic Coaching Seminar” - $2,200 per course 
Upper School: “Guided Study Hall” - $2,200 per course 
Upper School: “Math Lab” (trimester course) - prorated

Level 3 Services

Individualized Plans for Grades 1-12

Families of students already receiving accommodations and individual instruction who are experiencing acute challenges in their educational journey may request participation in the one-on-one learning options available with Level 3 support.

One-on-one support for students in grades 1-12 is provided for an additional fee.  
Level 3 Services: Cost to be determined based on individual student needs.


Meet Our Learning Specialists

  • Profile Photo

    Marci Richardson

    Guilford Campus Learning Specialist
  • Profile Photo

    Susan Pelletier

    Lower School Math Specialist
  • Profile Photo

    Christine Lawe

    Lower School Reading Specialist
  • Profile Photo

    Leslie Redmon

    Reading and Math Specialist
  • Profile Photo

    Lauren Dean

    9-12 Learning Specialist
  • Profile Photo

    Beth DeFilippis

    7-8 Learning Specialist