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To reach the main office please call 336-299-0964. Our fax number is 336-346-3169.

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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title
Alley, Marc 7-12 Music Teacher
Allman, Deana Summer Camp Director
Allred, Erin 1-2 Teacher
Bates-Glass, Lisa Director of Instructional Design and Remote Learning
Beerbower, Erik 7-12 Art Teacher
Bell, Barry 7-8 English Teacher
Bills, Jeff Director of Auxiliary Programs
Bouchard, Tracey 5-6 Teacher
Brown, Harlan Facilities Manager
Bryant, Cassie Teacher, Drama
Clifton, Dwon Director of Athletics
Coscia, Meg 3-4 Teacher
Davidson, Abigail Dance Teacher
Dean, Lauren 7-8 Science Teacher
DeFilippis, Elizabeth 1-2 Teacher
Dow, Victoria Learning Specialist
Fitzgerald, Danielle 7-12 Spanish Teacher
Fleming, Liz Advancement Assistant
Freedman, Kim Head of School
Goodman, Patty 7-8 Learning Specialist
Harmon, Sherrie 3-4 Teacher
Harrell, Brad 5-6 Teacher
Hill, Michael Finance Assistant
Hobson, Hanna Administrative Leadership Team Coordinator
Jolly, Robb Technology Specialist
Jones, Tanisha Head of Middle and Upper School
Kern, Maura PS-6 Art Teacher
Keskinen, Maggie Advancement and Alumni Engagement Coordinator and International Student Coordinator
Lancaster, Benjamin A Child's Garden Teacher
Lancaster, Jennifer College and Admissions Counselor
Lawe, Christine Reading Specialist
Laws, Lindley Stovall 1-2 Teacher
MacKenzie, Cory Kindergarten Teacher
McCallum, Kelly A Child's Garden Teacher
Merritt, Charles PS-6 Physical Education Teacher
Midgett, Pattie Director of Information and Enrollment Management
Milton, Jennifer School Counselor
Nguyen, Paul Director of Extended Care
O'Donnell, Dan 9-12 Math Teacher
Pelletier, Susan Lower School Math Specialist
Raper, Ashley Director of Institutional Advancement
Raper, Jonathan 7-8 History Teacher
Richardson, Marci Learning Specialist
Roghelia, Jason Director of Finance
Sharp, Morgan Spanish Teacher
Sherman, Becky Technology Assistant
Shipman, Christopher 9-12 English Teacher
Skidmore, Christene Admissions Counselor
Swenson, Neil 5-6 Teacher
Sykes, Jeannie PS-6 Music Teacher
Ullrich, Bebe Reception
Vallejos, Carolyn Head of Lower School
Vandergrift, Suzanne 3-12 Theater Teacher
Wahal, Katie Director of Communications
Way, Maura 9-12 English Teacher
Wenger, Erin Kindergarten Teacher
Westervelt, Patrick Facilities/Auxiliary Assistant
Wigal, Jeannie A Child's Garden Teacher
Williams, Danny 9-12 Math Teacher
Witherspoon, Serena Assistant Director of Athletics and Coach
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