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Fees for 2022-23 School Year

Technology (grades 1-6) $200/year
Technology (grades 7-12) $325/year


Extracurricular Activity Fees

Lower School Drama (grades 3-6) $150/year can be paid at $15/month
Go Far Lower School Running Club (grades 3-6) $75  
Upper School Drama (grades 7-12) $150/year can be paid at $15/month
Middle Division (grades 5-8) and JV Sports $50/sport can play up to 5 sports/year
Varsity Sports $125/sport 3 seasons; practice/play ~4 days/week
LS, MS, US After-School Clubs $50-$125 depends on specific club and meeting schedule
Upper School Study Hall (grades 9-12) $10/hour  
  • After-school club offerings are announced throughout the school year.

Looking for rates for before and after school care? Please see the Extended Care page.

Polaris Learning Lab Fees

Lower School: Level 2 Support $1,800
Lower School: Level 3 Support TBD based on individual student need
Middle School: Enrollment in Skills for Academic Success $1,800
Upper School: Academic Coaching Seminar $1,800

Middle and Upper School: Level 3 Support

TBD based on Individual student need

Learn more about Polaris Learning Labs here.