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Polaris: Literary Magazine

POLARIS is an arts and literary magazine created by NGFS Upper School students and published yearly near the end of the school year. All NGFS community members are invited to submit to the publication.

May 15, 2023 

The school year’s end is upon us, and with it, the newest issue of Polaris! As always, we received a magnificent variety of submissions from our NGFS community, from stunning photography and heartfelt poems to beautiful artwork and resonant short stories. We received work from people who have submitted before and have also added some new names to the magazine. We are truly grateful for everyone with the courage to add their voice to the growing history of Polaris. We had a wonderful time basking in the light of such marvelous creativity, and we are honored to give you the same opportunity. 

In peace and gratitude, 

The Polaris Team 
Mia, McRae, Eli, and Chris