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Adventures (Rising 1st-3rd)

Summer Adventures

  • Summer Adventures camp is held on the Guilford Campus at 1128 New Garden Road.

Summer Adventures, for rising 1st-3rd graders, offers weekly themed session that provide a focus for learning about science, historical events, and people, and for games and craft projects. STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) are woven into each week. Participants are separated into groups by age to rotate through daily activities. The daily schedule is similar to a day of school, so five-year-olds who have not completed full-day kindergarten are not eligible for this program. On Fridays, we celebrate the week with a culminating quest, game, or challenge.

Space is available in all sessions unless noted below in the weekly listings.

2024 Summer Adventures Sessions

*This is a 4-day week, as we are closed Wednesday for the national holiday, Juneteenth.

Come learn amazing tales of fairies, dragons, knights, and castles in magical lands! We will read tales and legends from around the world, and explore the creatures and caves where some of them live and lurk. We will decorate shields, write scrolls and spells, make medallions, and visit a dungeon to mix potions. Make your choice of a jester, wizard, or princess hat and design your own magic wand. Let your hair down, and learn how to tame a unicorn, fight off an angry ogre, and hunt for golden eggs all before your porridge gets too cold. If the shoe fits, then this is the camp for you!

This session is currently full. You may add your camper to the waitlist through the Enrollment screen in CampSite. There is no cost to be added to the waitlist, and you will be notified by email if a space becomes available.


Choose a project to build, such as a castle, treasure chest, bookshelf, birdhouse, toolbox, dollhouse, and more! Learn how to safely use a handsaw, hammer, hand drill, square, pliers, wood rasp, and screwdriver to build your masterpiece. When not in the carpentry room, campers will work on a variety of wood crafts and architectural challenges, such as building towers, creating with giant connecting blocks, and making wooden snakes and robots. Campers will test their skills in our lumberjack games, design and create Rube Goldberg machines, and build town structures to see if they can survive a multitude of natural disasters.

Come celebrate Halloween in July, when we learn all about the many traditions that have come together to create our modern day Halloween traditions! Make Halloween decorations, create simple costumes, carve Jack o’ Lanterns, decorate tote bags for candy collection, and learn all about bats and black cats. Find out what kids collected as treats instead of candy over the years, and stir a witch’s brew in a smoking cauldron. We will make our own candy treats and go trick or treating on Friday all over our campus! We will get spooky, but not scary this week. No tricks, only treats!

This session is currently full. You may add your camper to the waitlist through the Enrollment screen in CampSite. There is no cost to be added to the waitlist, and you will be notified by email if a space becomes available.


We have a secret laboratory where we make ooey, gooey, and gross creations! Come join us in the lab as we make slime, silly putty, bouncy blobs and giant soap bubbles. We will walk on top of a giant pool of oobleck, play with circuit boards, and create shrinking art. You can make ice cream, experiment with Earth magnets, watch ghost crystals vanish, and watch frozen fruit shatter!  We will tye-dye t-shirts, make glitter globes, create glow-in-the-dark snow, make play-dough, and experiment with dry ice. We will make a pickle glow, instantly freeze water, generate giant smoke rings, and make smoke bubbles! Visit our Mad Lab and witness mind-boggling feats of Science In Action!

Is there a Sasquatch on every continent? Are there gobins living in Kentucky? Does Scotland have a giant lake creature? And how many crazy things are living in West Virginia? Do any of these things exist?? Come explore these and other unexplained phenomena that make us say, “What was that?!” Track Bigfoot’s footprints and set traps for this oversized furball. Build UFOs, make your own cryptic creatures, and seek out ancient cities lost to time. Create alien containment units, make glove monsters, creature masks, hunt for the Loveland Frogmen, and make a Mothman plushie! We will film our own “sightings” footage, and, on Friday, we will put our creature tracking skills to the test in our quest to round up all the cryptids while avoiding the mysterious Men In Black.

Make your own pirate flag and get ready to set sail on the high seas for adventure as we learn all about a pirate’s life! Learn how to use a compass, design your own pirate wardrobe, make “pieces of eight,” create giant treasure maps and build a mini treasure chest. Go on daily hunts for treasure and learn legends of famous pirates such as Ching Shih, Blackbeard, and Jean Lafitte, as well as hearing the legend of hidden Madagascar treasure, and the tale of Joseph Bannister. Build your own piratical viking longboat, cook ship’s biscuits, make scurvy-fighting lemon-limeade, and design, build, and race your own pirate ship. Join us, mateys!