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Adventures (Rising 1st-4th)

Summer Adventures

  • For rising 1st graders to rising 4th graders
  • Summer Adventures camp is held on the Guilford Campus at 1128 New Garden Road.

Summer Adventures offers weekly themed sessions. These themes provide a focus for learning about science, historical events, and people, and for games and craft projects. Cooking and STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) are woven into each week. Participants are separated into groups by age to rotate through daily activities. There are opportunities to work in multi-age groups for some projects and games. The daily schedule is similar to a day of school, so five-year-olds who have not completed full-day kindergarten are not eligible for this program. On Fridays, we celebrate the week with a culminating quest, game, or challenge.

2020 Summer Adventures Sessions


June 15-19 - Where in the World? ($205)

Fancy a tea at Buckingham Palace? We are excited to offer this new theme where we will learn about exotic and exciting locations in the U.S. and around the world. We'll travel to various locations to solve challenges and mysteries and thwart crimes. We'll put our map reading and geographical skills to the test each day. Friday will be our grand travel finale as we go on a quest that will require all we've learned during the week.

June 22-26 - Carpentry ($225)

Choose a project to build, such as a castle, treasure chest, bookshelf, birdhouse, toolbox, dollhouse, and more!  Learn how to safely use a handsaw, hammer, hand drill, square, pliers, wood rasp, and screwdrivers to build your masterpiece. When not in the carpentry room, campers will work on a variety of wood crafts and architectural challenges, such as wood snakes and robots and building towers. Campers will test their skills in our lumberjack games, design and create Rube Goldberg machines, and build town structures to see if they can survive a multitude of natural disasters.

June 29-July 2* - Animal Crackers ($165)

Wild about animals?! Learn all about the animal kingdom this week through fun arts and crafts projects, such as puppets, masks, and our own homemade animal crackers! We will welcome some live animal friends to camp and make treats to share with some furry friends at a local animal rescue. On Thursday, we take a trip to the North Carolina Zoo to see lions, lemurs, bison, elephants, and much more!

*This is a 4-day week, as we are closed Friday for 4th of July national holiday.

July 6-10 - Time Travelers ($205) 

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel to different time periods and explore life in those times?!  We will rebuild our time machine and create gadgets to help us travel to different time periods. Possible destinations and time periods include medieval times, the Scottish highlands, pioneer times, and more! We’ll even turn the dial forward to jump into the future and see what lies ahead. We have adjusted the time machine from last summer, so we can go further with more accuracy….we hope! Whenever in time we are, fun and adventure awaits!

July 13-17 - Super Defenders ($205)

Come learn all about your favorite masked heroes and their special abilities and powers, then make up your own super identity and what powers you would want to have in order to fight villains! Design your own crime fighting symbol, mask, cape, wrist bands and utility belt. We will make videos starring your group as the heroes who defend the galaxy against evil masterminds bent on taking over the universe!  Come build a super vehicle, design your own super action figure and hone your powers in our agility course. On Friday, we will challenge all of our heroes to capture all the evil-doers in our villain round-up!

July 20-24 - Ancient Greek Legends ($205)

Come learn all about the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece! Try your luck at the twelve labors of Heracles, design your own Spartan shield and Athenian helmet, visit the oracle to get your future told, and make a laurel wreath.  Stamp your own coins and make leather pouches to carry the coins, cook honey cakes, and build your own chariot.  Compete in our Olympic games and go on an epic journey where we will challenge the Titans for the rule of Mt. Olympus and fight off Medusa, the Minotaur, and many other monsters of Greek lore!

July 27-31 - Strange Sightings ($205)

Sasquatch? Nessie? Normie? The lost treasure of Oak Island? What is Area 52? Do these things exist??? What do we know? Come explore these and other unexplained phenomena that make us say, “What was that?!” Track Bigfoot’s footprints through the woods and set traps for the big creature. Build UFOs, make your own cryptic creatures, and seek out ancient cities lost to time. Create Alien Containment Units, make glove monsters and Monster Spotter Field Kits, and earn your official Creature Spotting License. We will film our own “sightings” footage, and on Friday we will put our creature tracking skills to the test in our quest to round up all the cryptids while avoiding the mysterious Men In Black.

August 3-7 - Mad Scientists ($205)

Full STEAM ahead! Join us in our secret laboratory where we will make ooey, gooey, gross creations: magnetic slime, silly putty, bouncy balls, and oobleck. Campers will make ice cream, watch ghost crystals vanish, play with magnetic ferrofluids, and watch frozen fruit shatter!  We will tie-dye t-shirts, make glitter globes and elephant toothpaste, launch rockets, make play dough, and experiment with dry ice. We will grow borax crystals, make a pickle glow, generate giant smoke rings, and make smoke bubbles. Visit our Mad Lab and witness mind-boggling feats of Science In Action!

August 10-14 - Pirates ($205)

Make your own pirate flag and get ready to set sail on the high seas for adventure as we earn all about a pirate’s life! Learn how to use a compass, design your own pirate wardrobe, make “pieces of eight,” and create giant treasure maps. Go on daily hunts for treasure and hear pirate legends, such as the lost legend of pirate Joseph Bannister. Squeeze lemon/limeades; build your own piratical Viking longboats; cook ship biscuits; and design, build, and race your own pirate ship. 

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