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Preschool Camp

Preschool Summer

  • For children ages 3-5 who have not attended full-day kindergarten
  • Preschool Summer camp is held on the Guilford Campus at 1128 New Garden Road.

This program offers a safe and comfortable environment for preschool children (ages 3-5) to play, socialize, and learn in the summer. Each session will have a central theme upon which activities are based. Activities include painting, cooking, playing in centers, building, drawing, Play-Doh, and outside play. Afternoon rest time is included; stuffed animal friends and blankets from home are welcome.

Special weekly activities include visits to our community garden plot at the Guilford College Farm and water day (usually on Thursdays). Occasionally, Preschool campers will take a short field trip across the street to enjoy the playground at New Garden Friends Meeting. Preschool Summer is led by NGFS Preschool teachers Jeannie Wigal and Kelly McCallum.

2020 Preschool Summer schedule will be available in early March.

2019 Preschool Summer Sessions

June 10-14 - Oceans ($150)

Make a splash and join us under the sea! Dive into the deep blue sea by learning all about the creatures living there, including all kinds of fish and sharks, the octopus, and the eel. We will make waves in our water table and with our fun ocean activities.

June 17-21 - Sticky Science ($150)

Calling all curious minds! This week we'll become inquisitive scientists. We will talk about the scientific method and put it to use to conduct experiments. We'll explore lots of hands-on activities including making play dough, slime, and crystals. 

June 24-28  - 3...2...1… Blast Off! ($150)

Join us as we explore the wonders of space with our own galaxy mobile and other fun space crafts, books, and songs. We'll put our best foot forward to make footprint rockets. Robots will be here too. It’s going to be far out!

July 1-3, 5* - Fun with Food ($120)

We will create delicious treats to eat throughout the week. On the first day, we will decide on our menu based on the group’s preferences and food tolerances.  Possibilities are endless but could be pizza, pies, ice cream, or whatever the kids can think of!

*This is a 4-day week, as we are closed Thursday for the national holiday, 4th of July.

July 8-12 - Dinosaurs ($150)

We will travel far back in time to dig into the study of dinosaurs by seeking out fossils and dinosaur eggs.  Books, puzzles, and toys will help us learn about these fascinating creatures!

July 15-19 - Wonderful World of Colors ($150)

Step into a rainbow! We will explore colors using acrylics, liquid watercolors, oil pastels, and many other colorful media. Children will play color games, sing songs, and create a colorful snack. They will also tie-dye t-shirts.

July 22-26 - Planes, Trains, & Automobiles ($150)

Learn about all the methods of travel we use to get around.  We will transform big boxes into vehicles of your choice. Small wooden models will be constructed to take home as well. Oh, the places we'll go!

July 29-Aug. 2 - Bugs, Butterflies, & Creepy Crawlies

We will get to know about many-legged and winged creatures this week. We will explore our outdoor areas searching for creepy crawly critters. Our insect friends will inspire us as we build, draw, and paint, and even transform to act like bugs.

August 5-9 - Building ($150)

Calling all aspiring architects and clever construction workers! We will work together on our engineering and construction skills this week. We will build with multiple sizes of blocks, Legos, Brio wooden toys, and many other materials. Participants will construct an item during the week to take home.